About Our Company

Since 1988, Spectrum IR Services has been providing a full range of thermographic services to our clients, from Fortune 100 companies to small town school districts. In 2016 alone, we scanned over 60 million square feet of roofing as well as thousands of walls, electrical components, and refrigeration units.

Over the years, we have accumulated and developed practices that enable our thermographers to scan more roof systems, reveal more hidden solutions, and make our recommendations immediately actionable. With an unmatched work ethic, we get your project moving in the right direction right away.

We have also built a deep network of consultants and professionals, people we have worked with for years and who have earned our trust to uphold the same excellent standards to which we adhere.

As needed, Spectrum IR Services provides exclusive access to our vetted network to take your project to the next level.

The Spectrum Philosophy

The way we see it, Spectrum IR is hired to provide our knowledge, not our labor. Therefore:

1) Our pricing reflects just that. Jobs are quoted by square footage or items to be scanned rather than by time spent. Not a moment is wasted, as we are incentivized to gather the most accurate information the first time.

2) We know that each project has its own unique specifications, conditions, and needs. To be truly beneficial, our service is tailored to those individual parameters. We give every job the same special attention and care that you would, and then turn our understanding into yours.

Our satisfaction comes from providing the best service available at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Our sense of success comes from forging long term partnerships, proving the effectiveness of our skill and ensuring the widespread benefit of our work.