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Thermography offers the most accurate, non-destructive means of pinpointing anomalies. That means no more chasing leaks and no more trial and error, cutting out wasted time and increasing productivity.

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With unmatched expertise, our reports uncover hidden issues and provide immediate solutions. Analysis for each anomaly is presented in an understandable and actionable format. We scan all roof systems and operate year-round.

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Incorporating our state-of-the-art inspections to your portfolio provides a dependable asset to your business. At flat rates with no hidden fees, our infrared inspections offer a consistent and dependable long-term service.

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We provide a comprehensive array of services year round,

providing information that is understandable to the layman and actionable to the contractor.

Our most commonly used services include:

Of the entire building envelope, roofs require the most frequent maintenance. Thermal imaging is used to find moisture beneath the membrane, which helps to determine necessary repairs, structural integrity, enforce warranty claims, locate leaks, and more...

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Our equipment can detect overheating circuits, fuses, and wiring. Malfunctioning components are pinpointed to avoid unnecessary repair costs and prevent larger malfunctions down the road.

Water damage to masonry can be unsightly and damaging to the building. Scans clearly detect latent moisture to expose issues for repair, repointing, or replacement.

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Surprising amounts of energy can be lost through an unchecked envelope anomaly. We search your building inside and out to discover all areas of heat loss. Causes often include faulty windows, missing insulation, and unsealed penetrations. This can also be applied to large refrigeration units.

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Thermography is an often forgotten or unknown tool, but that dramatically increases your productivity and savings. By partnering with consultants, contractors, and managers, Spectrum IR Services enables uniform quality improvements across all projects and job sites. Our reports provide industry-leading analysis tailored to individual needs, giving you an exclusive and competitive edge.


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